So far, Drake's biggest contribution to popular culture has been the phrase "YOLO," standing for "you only live once" and being the motto for every drunken college student in America.

He also is friendly with celebrity quarterback Johnny Manziel, and moments before kickoff between Texas A&M and Alabama tweeted his support for the embattled Heisman winner.

JOVOhnny Football!! Go Time!

-- Drizzy (@Drake) September 14, 2013 A hot seller in College Station. pic.twitter.com/bAyLjlL7IF

-- Anthony Andro (@aandro) September 14, 2013

And the back of the shirt. pic.twitter.com/nzGGtfTZGc

-- Anthony Andro (@aandro) September 14, 2013

Johnny football is too tough, how can you not like him?

-- Kevin Durant (@KDTrey5) September 14, 2013 The ole flea flicker! Man that was sweet!!

-- Joe Namath (@RealJoeNamath) September 14, 2013

Good thing football gms last longer than 10mins or Bama would've been in trouble. #Rolltide .Nick Saban best college coach since the Bear!!!

-- shannon sharpe (@ShannonSharpe) September 14, 2013 Disgustingly nice play.

-- Joe Namath (@RealJoeNamath) September 14, 2013 This kid can't lose. If Johnny doesn't have a new Miami-based reality show with LeBron by the time HEAT camp opens we've failed as a nation.

-- rebkah howard (@pink_funk) September 14, 2013 Ok pic.twitter.com/yy2qMDcXDQ

-- Warren Sapp (@WarrenSapp) September 14, 2013 They only talking bout manzy and LAST YEARS game as if the #1 team in nation ain't up by 14

-- Aaron Curry (@AaronCurry51) September 14, 2013 To Johnny's credit, he was trying to destroy ol boy. He was ready, same foot, same shoulder tackle but got that L1 button.

-- Donte' Stallworth (@DonteStallworth) September 14, 2013