Watch Rams RB Todd Gurley humiliate a defender with an NBA-quality crossover

Rams running back Todd Gurley didn't look quite as good in Year 2 of his NFL career as he did as a rookie, but if the football thing doesn't work out he might just have a future on the basketball court.

The Rams have posted a video of Gurley getting in some pick-up work at a Los Angeles 24 Hour Fitness, and his crossover dribble left one poor defender crumpled on the floor. Plus, yes, he finished the drive with a beautiful layup.

Gurley got a late start to his rookie season two years ago after tearing his ACL in college, so Rams fans probably just want him to be careful out there. He ended up rushing for 1,106 yards in 13 games during his first season and dropped off to 885 yards in 2016.

NFL defenders might not be quite as easy to deke as Joe 24 Hour Fitness, but don't be surprised if Gurley has a big third season.