:56 Referee is sending message that there will be no nonsense in Game 6. He just whistled off Henrik Sedin and Zdeno Chara afetr an encounter behind the play. Chara, who shoved down Sedin, goes for interfernce and Sedin goes for unsportsmanlike conduct.

:20 First big moment of the game here already. Mason  Raymond is in corner of ice shaken up pretty badly after he was driven into the boards during a colission with Johnny Boychuk. He is up now and beiNg helped to the bench.

8:06 Before the game starts, it should be noted that Boston is once again a hockey town, regardless of the outcome of this game. Andrew Ference was talking about the rebirth of this town as a hockey market after several years of indifference and how rewarding that has been for the players. This is my 13th playoff game in Boston and it has been amazing to see how vibrant both the city and the building have been this spring. That has not always been the case in the past 15 years or so, but several good seasons have helped the passionate hockey base here get re-engaged with the Bruins. Part of what has made this Final so memorable is the vib rancy of these two hockey markets. It has been a pleasure to be a guest in each city.

7:43 p.m. The players are on the ice for warmups now and it is a bit more subdued than normal on the ice as the players go through warmups. The crowd is also a little more subdued. Tension is definitely evident everywhere you look. It doesn't appear that either team has made changes in its roster. There will be no miraculous return for Dan Hamhuis for Vancouver, it seems. Of course, there will be no Nathan Horton for the Bruins. There were rumors that Horton would be the honorary captain for Boston during its banner ceremony in the pregame spectacle. That rumor proved unfounded and it will be the legendary Milt Schmidt as the final banner captain of the season, a fitting honor for one of the first true legends of the Bruins franchise.

7:36 p.m. Welcome to Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final here at TD Garden. Tonight's game is an elimination game and that makes it a whole different kettle of fish, as the locals here might say. The players can, and did, say it is just another game, but nothing could be further from the truth. Game 6 could be a life-changing moment for every player involved. Win and each and every Vancouver Canuck will be a Stanley Cup champion forever. If Boston loses tonight, it is a moment each and every player will rue for the rest of their life, a constant what-if that will dissipate -- but never fully disappear -- with time. Once you have been a few elimination games, you notice the differences in the players and in the shortness of their answers and the intensity of their focus. Stanley Cup elimination games are even more pronounced because the end of the road is in sight. Come Tuesday, if Vancouver wins, meaningful hockey is over and won't return uuntil October. Can Boston postpone the inevitable until its last possible day -- a winner-take-all Game 7 -- with a victory tonight? That remains to be seen, but it should be interesting finding out together. Thanks for joining me.