Rams' Fisher turns to horn to air it out for Rodgers, Packers

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St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher has watched Aaron Rodgers repeatedly use a hard count to draw opponents offsides.

So Fisher came up with a novel idea to prepare his defensive linemen for such a situation in Sunday's game against the Green Bay Packers - using an air horn.

"That's just a message to the D-line on the hard count," Fisher told the team's official website. "No one uses the hard count better than Aaron."

Fisher explained how he constantly reads stories of opposing teams claiming they prepared for Rodgers' hard count but were duped anyway. So to make sure his defensive line got the message, he expanded the use of the air horn beyond practice.

"He pulls them offsides two or three times a game," Fisher said of Rodgers. "So, I woke them up in their meeting room this morning with the horn, just to send a message."

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