ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) — Joe Maddon and Bill Belichick are now boys in the hoodie.

Fresh off being told by Major League Baseball that he could keep wearing his favorite jacket, Maddon got a new one Wednesday — the Tampa Bay Rays manager received a personalized Patriots hoodie in the mail from the New England coach.

Belichick usually wears hoodies when he's on the sideline. The jacket he sent Maddon has "J.M." on the front.

"Very cool," Maddon said.

"It's quite an accomplishment, quite an achievement to get something from a coach who's won the Super Bowl," Maddon said.

Don't look for Maddon to wear the Patriots hoodie during a game. That would certainly lead to a fine from MLB officials, he said with a smile.

Instead, Maddon will display the hoodie in his office. He also plans to send Belichick a Tampa Bay hoodie.

Earlier this month, MLB said Maddon and other managers and coaches could only wear approved jerseys or outerwear. A few days later, baseball reversed the ruling.