Packers right guard Daryn Colledge has beard envy. He's so jealous of the growth on the face of Pittsburgh defensive end Brett Keisel that he hinted it may not be natural.

"I think the NFL should look into testing for beard enhancers, things like Rogaine," Colledge said, clearly joking. "Maybe he's taken some of that Head & Shoulders from Troy Polamalu for a thicker beard because that thing is epically good."

Colledge's beard is thick and full. It just doesn't dangle inches below his chin.

"I'm just quietly trying to have a nicely groomed beard, a more-refined look," he said. "Plus, for me to have a beard like that, I would've had to start when I was 12. I mean, seriously, that thing is a little out of control. ... I think my wife is probably happy I don't have a beard like that. But part of the man in me wishes I could grow something like that. It looks like he could build a house with his bare hands."


SUPER TROOPER FEAST: U.S. troops deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan will have quite a feast to enjoy while watching the Super Bowl on Sunday. All the chicken wings, pizza and chili they can eat.

Among the items sent to Iraq for the Super Bowl are about 120,000 pounds of chicken wings, 35,000 pounds of potato wedges, more than 45,000 pounds of pizza and more than 1,000 gallons of chili. The same kind of menu will be available to troops in Afghanistan.

The taste of home is being provided by Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support, a Department of Defense combat support agency that provides a variety of logistics, acquisition and technical services to the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps.

"We cannot do enough to say thank you to our deployed men and women in uniform sacrificing and serving to protect our way of life here in America," said Richard Ellis, acting commander of DLA Troop Support. "It is our pleasure and honor to serve them up some familiar fare so they can have a full Super Bowl experience before they continue on their mission."


THE PRETTIEST PREDICTOR: Her tiara glistening, Miss America Teresa Scanlan predicted the Green Bay Packers will win the Super Bowl.

"I do feel like they've got some strong players there," Scanlan said. "(Aaron) Rodgers really is good, and I think that's what it comes down to. It's going to be close, though, so we'll see."

Why is the Nebraska native a Packers fan? Because Green Bay running back Brandon Jackson was a Cornhusker; he's the only NU player on either roster.

Scanlan is at the Super Bowl to take part in the Taste of the NFL, an event Saturday night benefiting food banks across the country.

"Being here, where food is all over the place is and we're fine, and then to realize that there's so many people struggling from hunger, it's really sad," she said. "A donation of $10, they said, provides 40 meals. It's amazing what a tiny donation can do. So it's real important."

Sunday will certainly be a big day for her, but not because of the Super Bowl. It will be her 18th birthday.


SHULA AWARD: The inaugural Don Shula NFL coach of the year award was presented Friday by the trophy's namesake to coach Ray Seals of Madison High in Houston.

Shula, the six-time Super Bowl coach, said he was honored that his name is attached to the new award to honor exemplary football coaches at all levels.

"Throughout my coaching career, my goal was always to teach value of integrity and character, even when focused on winning each and every game," Shula said. "I remember vividly how important my coaches were at every level of my coaching career. This goes back to grade school, to high school, to college and my years in the NFL."

Seals was among 28 coaches nationwide nominated and received $25,000, of which $15,000 is for his school's football program. He was also recognized by the NFL as the 2008 high school coach of the year after being nominated by two of his former players, Vince Young and Moran Norris.

Before Seals was introduced, Shula commented about the snowy conditions outside in Dallas.

"It's a lot of hospitality out here," Shula said. "I'm from the Cleveland area, and they make me feel like I'm in Cleveland when I go outside in the snow and the wind and the ice."


REEBOK RODEO: Peyton Manning and Chad Ochocinco ran on treadmills to generate the power for the mechanical bull ridden by MMA champion Randy Couture.

Next, Eli Manning and DeMarcus Ware had to whip large ropes to power the bull and buck off the massive Couture, who had taken riding lessons this week from rodeo king Ty Murray.

"That was cool," Ochocinco said.

"That was definitely a first, it was fun," Eli Manning said. "It's fun to be here with some other players, guys you get to play against. You get to see them play but you get to hang out with them a little bit before we start doing this, it's always fun."

The Cowboy Up Challenge was part of Reebok's promotion of its ZigTech shoes that all of those current or former Pro Bowl players wear.


AP Pro Football Writer Jaime Aron contributed to this report.