LeBron James has a new 'Kermit sipping tea' hat he wants all of his haters to see

LeBron James is one of the most polarizing athletes in the world. After his NBA Finals performance for the Cleveland Cavaliers, his greatness is now unquestioned. However, just because he's the best basketball player of this generation doesn't mean everyone has to like him -- in fact, despite his brilliance against the Golden State Warriors, there are still plenty of haters to go around.

For example: before Game 7 of the Finals, LeBron sported the popular 'Kermit sipping tea' meme on a hat to signify how he feels about his doubters.

After the Cavaliers won the championship, the hat returned -- this time, with an Ultimate Warrior T-shirt:

Fast-forward to Monday, with the NBA world in hibernation for the summer, LeBron is not done letting his haters know what he's accomplished. He posted a selfie to Instagram while wearing a new, revised version of the Kermit hat -- one that features Kermit wearing a Cavs jersey, sporting a King's crown and kissing the NBA championship Larry O'Brien trophy:

Haters gonna hate, LeBron gonna LeBron. Want James to stop being so petty? Go out there and beat him...

...if you can.