Jamal Crawford gets pranked by T'wolves Zach LaVine with the help of Jimmy Kimmel

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Anyone that knows LA Clippers guard Jamal Crawford, knows he's a really good dude. Unfortunately for Jamal, former UCLA and current Timberwolves guard Zach LaVine is well aware of this fact as well, and used Jamal's kindness against him in an epic prank with the help of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

As part of the prank, LaVine convinces Jamal to take part in the filming of a fake PSA for what Jamal thinks is LaVine's charity.

The PSA shoot is obviously all a ruse though as actor Thomas Lennon directs Jamal in a variety of funny bits before trying to get Jamal to do a few physical tasks he's not comfortable with.

LaVine, who is watching the pranking from another room, finally arrives to let Jamal is helping"Children Without Hoverboards" by doing the PSA, to which Jamal is none too pleased. But before the Clippers guard can go ballistic, LaVine cracks a smile and let's Jamal in on the joke.

Well played, Zach. Well played.