Highlights from the 30th running of the Indianapolis 500

RACE: 30th Indianapolis 500

DATE: May 30, 1946

WINNER: George Robson

AVERAGE SPEED: 114.820 mph

WHAT HAPPENED: George Robson won at the first Indy 500 held since 1941 following World War II. Robson, who died in a racing accident less than four months later, beat rookie Jimmy Jackson by 44.04 seconds.

NOTABLE: Three-time race winner Wilbur Shaw urged Tony Hulman, a businessman from Terre Haute, Indiana, to buy the run-down track for $750,000. By May, Hulman had the track back in shape for the race, and the Hulman-George family has owned the track ever since. The late baritone voice of Tom Carnegie resounded on the speedway's public address system for the first time. Carnegie continued as the speedway's PA announcer for the next 61 years. James Melton, of the New York Metropolitan Opera Company, sang "Back Home Again in Indiana" before the race, a tradition that still exists today.