Flames' Bennett and Jets' Trouba both wind up bloody after violent fight in Winnipeg

Neither Sam Bennett nor Jacob Trouba are particularly known for their fighting abilities but the two went at it this weekend in Winnipeg and delivered one of the most entertaining scraps of the NHL season.

Bennett and Trouba mixed it up late in the second period of Saturday's game at the MTS Centre and both came away bloodied and a little worse for the wear. That came as a result of both the Flames forward and the Jets defenseman, respectively, going on the offensive during the tilt, throwing haymakers with tenacity until the on-ice officials spotted blood and decided to step in.

Trouba was left a little more banged up and with a more serious leak at the conclusion of the fight, which would seem to indicate that Bennett was the victor here. (HockeyFights agrees, with 80% of user votes declaring Bennett as the winner.)

Regardless, both parties did a pretty good job throwing some pretty vicious bombs and briefly bringing fans back to the days of old school hockey.