Dominic Oduro's wild hair adventure continues as he turns his head into a fireball

Dominic Oduro really likes his hair. Well, he likes it in the "he likes to do crazy stuff to his hair" kind of way.

He's gone with the pizza hair, and he even went all-blue with the city of Montreal's symbol shaved in too.

Today, he tried something new -- fire.

Maybe Oduro really likes fire. Maybe he thought it would look cool. Maybe he's just a fan of the fire emoji*.

Either way, this is another episode of Dominic Oduro's Hair, a top five show in MLS**.

* The fire emoji is one of my top three most-used emojis, and if you haven't gotten one from me in a text or tweet then we're probably not friends.

** Sebastian Giovinco doing anything at all makes up the four other top five shows.