Conor McGregor is the biggest superstar on the UFC roster and he's got the numbers to back it up after landing in the Forbes top 100 richest athletes list for 2016.

McGregor earned a reported $22 million over the past year and as much as he loves touting his own wealth, it seems the Irishman never forgot where he came from either.

According to McGregor's father Tony, the current UFC featherweight champion still gives back as often as possible and it seems last year he even handed over keys to a BMW -- with enough cars to go around to every member of his family.

"It's phenomenal, but it hasn't changed us. Conor has a very generous nature, which he gets from his mother, and we realize that we're very lucky," McGregor told the Irish Independent recently.

"He came home from an American trip last year, and I saw this fleet of cars coming around the corner with him in the lead car, a black BMW 5 Series. I presumed it was an entourage chauffeuring him home, but he told me to hop in and asked if I liked the car? I said it was lovely and he handed me the keys and said, 'Good, because it's yours.' He bought one for everyone in the family, which was really nice."

McGregor's father also revealed that the fighter just recently purchased his family a Boxer dog as well.

McGregor is no stranger to buying the nicest things in life including a slew of automobiles that he's also driving around in these days.

Still it appears McGregor is more than happy to give back to the family that stuck by him during the early part of his career when it didn't look like fighting was going to pay off.

Now that he's the highest paid fighter on the UFC roster, McGregor is giving back in a big way.