Chubby baby that looks like Steph Curry is the real star of the NBA playoffs

Steph Curry might want to watch out; he has a baby doppleganger who is starting to become Instagram famous.

Baby Landon Benton was given the nickname "Stuff Curry" by a stranger on the Internet after a photo of Landon went viral. But the nickname was originally used as a way to fat-shame a chubby baby who resembles Steph Curry. Landon's mom, Jessica, decided to do something about it.

Via Huffington Post:

"I wanted to really turn it into something good and take control of it and say, 'OK, we're gonna own this name. Yeah, we're Stuff Curry. We look like the famous basketball player,'" she said in an interview with ESPN.

So Landon got a Curry shirt, then a jersey and even a toy basketball, and Jessica proudly took back the nickname by posting adorable Instagram photos of him. The results are priceless.

Little Landon rocked his jersey at a local playground.

He started working on his basketball skills and even has the early basics of dribbling down.

He even became a proud member of the baby anti-bully squad.

Landon now has over 37,000 followers on Instagram, and Curry's wife, Ayesha, has noticed him on social media. In a Facebook interview with Essence, Ayesha gushed over how adorable Landon is and said he definitely looks like he could be her son.

"He's so cute," Curry said. "If we had a boy, I feel like that is what he would look like. ... If we had a boy, I think that's our child."

Landon is around the same age as Curry's youngest daughter, Ryan, who was also born in July 2015. Perhaps the two tots can get together for a playdate after the Golden State Warriors' playoff run ends.