Buzz: Chief Wahoo logo next under microscope?

While most of the attention surrounding the existence of Native American-themed nicknames seems to focus on the Washington Redskins' hesitance to change their moniker, another professional franchise may actually be doing something to appease fans who find their longtime logo offensive.

According to a tweet from Twitter user @CleFan4Ever, the Cleveland Indians are looking for feedback on their Chief Wahoo logo, which has gone largely unaltered since the early 1950s -- and was perhaps even more offensive before that.

@Indians are soliciting feedback through email fan surveys about Chief Wahoo. #GoTribe

-- Chuck (@CleFan4Ever) October 23, 2013 Hardball Talk also shared a couple more screen grabs , which show the comprehensive survey -- which was sent out to people who have purchased tickets from the Indians website or are otherwise registered there -- seeking opinions on all three of the Indians' logos.

Whereas the Redskins' actual name is largely considered to be a slur, the majority of fans seem to have no problem with the Indians nickname. But Chief Wahoo -- like the Braves' old screaming Indian logo -- is often considered to be an offensive caricature that should be eliminated.

That could explain why the Braves decided against using their Indian logo on the team's batting practice caps this season. And while the Indians have, as recently as April, said there are " no plans to phase out Chief Wahoo ," the inclusion of these questions in their end-of-year survey seem to suggest otherwise.

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