Anaheim Ducks history in Game 7s

With puck drop just hours away from series finaleof the Ducks vs. Oilers series, here's a brief look at Anaheim's history while playing in a Game 7.

In eight Game 7s since the franchise's inception in 1993, the Ducks are 2-6 overall.

But make no mistake, the Ducks will be ready on Wednesday night!

1997: Conference quarterfinals; 3-0 victory over Phoenix.

2003: Stanley Cup Finals; 3-0 loss toNew Jersey.

2006: Conference quarterfinals; 3-0 win vs. Calgary.

2009: Conference semifinals; 4-3 loss to Detroit.

2013: Conference quarterfinals; 3-2 loss to Detroit.

2014: Second round; 6-2 loss to Los Angeles.

2015: Conference finals; 5-3 loss to Chicago.

2016: First round; 2-1 defeat to Nashville.

2017: Second-round; TBD