Donna Brazile's Cajun Jambalaya

First, we need a large iron pot. Jambalaya is eaten year round and can be made with chicken, ham, andouille sausage or seafood.

Note: Jambalaya is a close cousin of the Spanish Paella

Chicken Stock (3-4 cups)

2-3 Tbs of Olive oil

2-3 cups of Chopped Onions

1 cup Chopped Green Peppers

1 cup Scallions or green onions

2 Tbs of finely minced or Chopped Garlic

4 Tbs or finely minced or Fresh chopped Parsley



Cayenne Pepper

Chili Powder

Bay leaves

Dried Thyme

Brown or White Rice

Cut up Chicken (3 to 4 pound fryer or breast or thighs)

1 lb. of cut up Sausages (Andouille, Smoked Turkey or Pork Sausages)

1 lb. of Peeled Shrimp

Cook rice in a separate pot. Do not over cook.

Heat the olive oil. Brown the chicken over modest heat without burning. Once the meat is cooked, place on side. Now, add the vegetables, parsley and sausage. Stir it up for 15 minutes.

Add the rest of the seasoning to the pot. Reduce the heat to medium and allow it to cook. Stir frequently for about fifteen minutes until seasoning and sausages are cooked.