Women's group complains about not enough women writing about rape


For further evidence that outrage feminists believe gender trumps all else, a new report from the Women's Media Center bemoans the fact that more articles about campus sexual assault in major newspapers were written by men than by women.

Forget the content of those articles — women should write about rape, and men should write about whatever the modern feminists tell them they can write about.

WMC limited their search of gender bylines to "top-circulation" U.S. newspapers and wire services. One wonders what the byline breakdown would be had they included other media outlets. The list did not include Slate (which discounts Emily Yoffe, who often writes on the topic), the Daily Beast (which discounts Cathy Young and Lizzie Crocker), Salon (which discounts Amanda Marcotte), Cosmopolitan (which discounts Jill Filipovic and several other women), Reason (which discounted Elizabeth Nolan Brown and Linda M. LeFauve), nor did it include the Washington Examiner, which discounts me.

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