When do states certify election results? Here are the dates

Before certification day, election officials canvass results and verify the outcome

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The clock is ticking on President Trump’s chances of overturning electoral results, as deadlines approach for each state to officially certify its election results.

Fox News has projected Joe Biden to win the race. The president’s team of lawyers has filed lawsuits alleging voter fraud and procedural violations in the vote count in a number of swing states since Election Day, but certification dates are approaching over the next few weeks, and results will be locked in. Georgia’s is as soon as Friday.

Before certification day, election officials canvass results and verify the outcome across their states. They look at provisional ballots and those that were disputed, and then state officials meet to sign a certification of results. Then on the Monday after the second Wednesday in December, this year Dec. 14, Electoral College delegates from the winning party in each state meet to vote.


Here are the deadlines for each state to certify its results, with swing states where the president’s team has disputed the outcome in bold: 

Nov. 5: Delaware

Nov. 10: Oklahoma, South Dakota, Vermont

Nov. 11: Wyoming

Nov. 16: Virginia

Nov. 17: Florida

Nov. 18: Idaho, Missouri, South Carolina 

Nov. 20: Georgia, North Dakota

Nov. 23: Kentucky, Maine, Utah 

Nov. 24: Washington, D.C. (tentative), Ohio, Indiana, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Carolina

Nov. 25: Alabama, Alaska (target date) 

Nov. 28: Arkansas 

Nov. 30: Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Montana, Nebraska (likely but no date specified) 

Dec. 1: Kansas, Nevada (likely but not specified), Wisconsin

Dec. 2: New Hampshire 

Dec. 3: Louisiana, Mississippi, Oregon, Washington, West Virginia

Dec. 4: Illinois

Dec. 5: California

Dec. 6: Texas

Dec. 7: New York 

Dec. 8: Maryland, New Jersey 

Dec. 13: Michigan


Unclear: Pennsylvania (“upon receiving certified returns,” no deadline), Hawaii (“on receipt of certified tabulations,” no deadline), Massachusetts (depends on contests filed), Rhode Island (“after the result has been ascertained,” no deadline), Texas (after “returns are received”).