WATCH: Larry David, Alec Baldwin in 'SNL' debate

The parody of the Democratic debate on "Saturday Night Live" this week featured two surprise guest stars — Alec Baldwin as Sen. Jim Webb, and famed, neurotic "Seinfeld" co-creator Larry David who stole the show as firebrand Bernie Sanders.

"We're doomed! We need a revolution," shouted the David-played Sanders.

"The banks…why do they chain all their pens to the desk? Who's trying to steal a pen from a bank? It makes no sense," David's Sanders said. "That's why we have to break up the banks into little pieces, and then flush the pieces down the toilet."

"Excuse me, it's me, Jim Webb, your future president, I was promised I'd get time," Baldwin's Webb interjected, mocking Webb's frequent complaining about the amount of speaking time he was receiving at last Tuesday's debate.

"Hello, I'm Martin O'Malley. This is what my voice sounds like, this is what my face looks like. When I was Mayor of Baltimore, I did such a good job they made two TV shows about my city, 'Homocide' and "The Wire,'" Taran Killan, impersonating Martin O'Malley, said.