VIDEO: Fact Checking the Campaign Ads in California

Californians are getting bombarded with campaign ads in a tight Senate race between Democratic incumbent Senator Barbara Boxer and GOP challenger Carly Fiorina. Both are shelling out big bucks to get in the last word before November 2nd.

On virtually every issue -- immigration, abortion, bailouts, pensions, the war, cap ‘n trade, tax cuts -- Fiorina and Boxer are opposites.

A Real Clear Politics average of recent polls shows Boxer with a 48 to 44 point lead over Fiorina.

The race was even in September when Boxer unleashed an advertisement attacking Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, of laying off 30,000 workers, and shipping those jobs to China.

While true, HP's workforce actually doubled under Fiorina after its merger with Compaq.

Boxer accuses Fiorina of tripling her salary while Californians lost jobs. Not that Fiorina should be guilty of making money, but it is also true Fiorina's pay actually declined 15 percent from the start to the end of her six years at HP. Secondly, an independent compensation committee, not the board of directors, set Fiorina's salary

Fiorina considers the ads hypocritical, considering Boxer repeatedly took campaign money from companies that offshored American jobs, including HP, and refuses to give it back.

Fiorina's ads, shot in a morbid black and white, blame Boxer for 28 failed years in Congress, as a supporter of higher taxes, bigger government, and deeper debt. True, Boxer sponsored some 600 bills to increase government spending, and just a dozen to cut it, but she claims her policies helped save jobs in California.