UPDATE: Major will Answer Your "Ask Major" Questions Tomorrow

You asked - and he answers! Major was going to post his answers today but with all the breaking news today at the White House, Row 2, Seat 4 is going to have to delay the answers until tomorrow. MAKE SURE TO CHECK BACK TOMORROW - MAJOR WILL HAVE ANSWERS!

In the meantime, we've looked at the over 500 comments and questions for Major.

By far the most asked question to "Ask Major" is about the Jones Act.

Hilary Weeks asked "Why won't the Obama administration rescind the Jones Act to allow help from other countries? How can they possibly explain this?" and David asked specifically about the Dutch government offers to help that he read about. "I have read that, 2-3 days after the spill the Dutch offered skimming/pumping equipment assistance in the Gulf and President Obama declined their offer. Is that true and, if so, why is Obama refusing help from countries that have more experience?"

Other hot topics included putting someone else in charge of the spill - some readers mentioned Lt. Gen, Honoré - the man in charge of getting New Orleans cleaned up after Katrina. Brian Grosch asked "Why not bring in General Honore? He saved us after Katrina and he lives in the New Orleans area."

Still others are wondering why those in charge at MMS (Minerals Management Service) have not been asked to testify on the hill, like the BP officials did last week.

Steve O asked Major "I'd like to know why the full congress doesn't call the members of the various (energy & other) committee members to separate hearings and beat them up the same way that the committee members beat up BP?"

There was also a lot of conversation about dispersant's. Eye4Eden asked "Are oil dispersants, corexit and/or others, still being used at the site? If so, why since these chemicals are known to cause excessive damage to ecosystems"

And Beverly Richardson asked Major about the politics of the oil spill..."Do you think if the three gulf coast governors would have been democrat, do you think Obama would have been more forthright in answering the call faster?"

Major will try to answer some of these and more tomorrow!