Trump would handle some illegal immigrants 'with heart'

Should he make it to the Oval Office, Donald Trump claims he would accompany tough enforcement of his hardline immigration plan with a dose of compassion.

The leading Republican hopeful fielded questions from Larry King in a pre-taped podcast released Monday, including one about illegal immigration that he was rather reluctant to answer.

"I'll ask you a from-the-heart question, okay Donald?" the former nightly television personality told Trump.

King proposed the following hypothetical: "Supposing a guy came over to you and he said, 'I was an illegal immigrant twenty years ago. I took a job picking something in the fields in California, and now I'm the foreman there. I've got two children — one is a high school athlete the other, my daughter, is into gymnastics. I've been here illegally for twenty — fifteen, twenty years. You want me to go back?'"