'The Five' hosts weigh in on AG Sessions' new sentencing policy

The hosts of Fox News' "The Five" weighed in on Attorney General Jeff Sessions' directive to prosecutors to pursue the most serious charges possible against criminal suspects in a reversal of Obama-era policies.

“We will enforce the laws passed by Congress pure and simple,” Sessions said at an awards ceremony in Washington D.C, adding that prosecutors deserved to be “unhandcuffed and not micro-managed from Washington.”

"I know what the answer is, with prohibition we learned a lesson, it ruined lives," said Greg Gutfeld. "We can’t control everybody. How can we teach everyone how to enjoy what earth offers if we constantly make everything illegal?"

"This started under Reagan with the three strike issue. Who got incarcerated? It wasn’t just major drug dealers, it was a lot of people who smoked dope. It led to the creation of for profit prisons," said Bob Beckel, noting the sentencing disparity between crack cocaine and powdered cocaine in the U.S.

"Why don’t you ask the people who have been put out of their lives by violent crime, by the drug cartels," said Kimberly Guilfoyle.

"Trump is very anti-drug, does not drink alcohol, he’s a law and order guy," said Jesse Watters. "It’s a compassionate move by the president and the attorney general."