That Lovin' Feelin'

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Ah, international summits.

They're a time when the world's most powerful leaders come together to take a whack at the world's ills.

But there's often dispute about what actually gets done at these things and, judging by the body language, they feel a little like summer camp.

Back in 2006, President Bush stepped into a fierce etiquette battle at the G8 Summit in Russia when he unceremoniously, if playfully, rubbed the shoulders of a surprised German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Her pained grimace was seen 'round the world.

Three years later, that very same chancellor finds herself doing the touching. And she's not alone.

Maybe it's the clear Italian sky or the boys club atmosphere, but the camaraderie at this year's G8 Summit in L'Aquila is palpable...literally. And the new kid at camp-- that is, President Obama-- is more than happy to partake in the fun.Perhaps even more notable is the number of broad smiles and belly laughs during the requisite group photo-ops and pre-summit mingling. Let's just hope that translates into some substantive results!