Texas city council member accidentally takes colleagues on audio tour of bathroom break

A Texas councilman learned the hard way to always remember to turn his microphone off when leaving the chamber.

The official excused himself during a presentation about infectious diseases at a recent city council meeting.

One problem: he forgot his mic was hot. What followed has since gone viral online.

Georgetown Mayor Pro Tem Rachael Jonrow tried to keep her composure as the audio tour of the councilman’s trip to the restroom echoed in the chamber.

“If your life has not already been touched by an antibiotic resistant disease, it probably will be at some point,” Jonrow said, going on to discuss the role the government can play in preparing for infectious diseases -- as the councilman could be heard over the loudspeakers relieving himself

Jonrow, still, kept her comments on-point. But when the toilet could be heard flushing, she broke into laughter.

The council member who left his mic on returned to the chamber, seemingly unaware of what had just happened.