Ted Cruz loses support of 13-year-old social media star, Teens for Ted chair CJ Pearson

Ted Cruz's presidential campaign received a harsh blow over the weekend when a prominent supporter of the firebrand politician said he was leaving the Texas senator's team and would not vote for him.

What makes matters worse is that this supporter isn't even close to being of legal age to vote.

CJ Pearson, a 13-year-old conservative social media wunderkind who was named national chairman of Teens for Ted on Sept. 8, left Cruz's campaign – saying that he was disappointed with the lawmaker's efforts on behalf of youth voters.

Pearson said that he is still a big fan of Cruz and thinks he is a "once in a lifetime candidate," but he was giving up the post with the campaign because the candidate "wasn't doing enough to address the issues important to young people, like student loan debt and youth unemployment," the Dallas Morning News reported.

"I personally decided that I could make a much bigger impact for my generation, launching my own venture, than I could at the Cruz campaign," Pearson said.

While Pearson has not given an indication whether or not he will shift his loyalties to another candidate in the GOP, the eighth grader from Georgia did have high praise on his Twitter account for one of Cruz's rivals.

"Giving credit where it's due, [Marco Rubio] has done the best job addressing the issues important to young people and should be commended," Pearson said.

The young conservative shot to social media stardom in February when he posted a video criticizing President Barack Obama that went viral.

The three-minute-long video, which has been viewed over 2.1 million times, has Pearson railing against the president for allegedly not loving America. It appears to have been shot in his bedroom and behind Pearson a poster of terrier dog stares into the camera.

Despite being only 13, Pearson has already run into to controversy for allegedly fabricating racist comments against himself on Twitter and also claiming that he'd been blocked by Obama's Twitter account.

The White House denied Pearson's claim and his critics say that a screenshot Pearson cited to back up his allegations was doctored.

Before joining up with Ted Cruz, Pearson supported Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul's bid for the Republican nomination.

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