Matt Kibbe left his job as head of the influential grassroots conservative organization FreedomWorks to help lead a super PAC designed to boost Sen. Rand Paul's presidential campaign. But a poor performance by Paul early could spell disaster for his chances of winning the White House — and cost Kibbe his new job.

So Kibbe has focused the Concerned American Voters operation he helps run on Iowa to make sure that does not happen.

'You go to an RNC convention; it feels like an episode of Seinfeld -- it's literally about nothing, and I just don't think that works anymore.'

"Rand is going to play in a lot of states, but it doesn't matter that much if he doesn't win any of the four first states," Kibbe told the Washington Examiner. "I think Iowa is our, I don't know about our best chance, but it's a great chance. I think Nevada is a great chance."

The super PAC has about 40 canvassers going door-to-door daily and doing the retail politicking outsourced to super PACs from the presidential campaigns.

The Examiner caught up with two foot soldiers in the Hawkeye State looking for Iowans to join the "Randwagon." Claire Leiter, from Minnesota, and Faith Braverman, from Texas, each gave up their jobs and comfortable lifestyles to follow Paul's mission.

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