Soto Makes It Over One Hurdle; Graham Stands Alone

This morning - Sup Co nominee Sonia Sotomayor is expected to make it over her first hurdle toward confirmation -- a vote out of the Senate Jud Cmte. (Technically, in Senate parlance, we say, "Sotomayor has been favorably reported out of committee.")

The vote is a fait accomplit, as all Republican cmte members but one, Tom Coburn, have told us how they will vote, and "Dr No" is not expected to become "Dr Yes" today. Sources tell Fox, he will join all other Rs on the cmte, except Sen Lindsey Graham, in opposing the nomination.

Graham is expected to be the lone "yes" vote on the GOP side. That means the cmte vote should be 13-6.

But Graham won't be alone for long. When the nomination is brought to the full Senate floor NEXT WEEK, Graham, in our tallying thus far, will be joined by at least four of his GOP colleagues: Lugar, Martinez, Snowe, and Collins.

So far, 17 Senate Republicans, including Leader Mitch McConnell, R-KY, have announced their opposition, but McConnell also made clear that there would be no filibuster against Sotomayor.

That puts the judge on track to meet President Obama's deadline of having her in place by September when the Court decides which cases it will hear.

Sotomayor replaces retiring Justice David Souter.