Senators Told to "Remain Vigilant"

In the wake of actual threats to members of the House of Representatives and ahead of the two-week Easter recess, Senate Sergeant at Arms Terrance Gainer has sent the following message to members and their staff, a memo obtained by Fox:

This message was sent on behalf of Terrance W. Gainer, Sergeant at Arms, to Chiefs of Staff, Staff Directors, Administrative Managers, and Chief Clerks.

Security Reminder

As we enter the week before spring recess, it is clear that recent public debate on a number of highly profiled issues has produced a broad spectrum of reaction, opinion and emotion across the country. Although there is no information that either reflects an increase in threats against Members, their families or staff, or any specific threat or action being contemplated against a specific Member or office, it is important that we remain vigilant. Given that many Members and staff may be traveling throughout the country and overseas during the upcoming recess, we would like to remind Members and staff to be situationally aware of any suspicious activity one may sense, see or hear and to report those concerns immediately. There is an array of law enforcement agencies and services available to respond to any such concern, ranging from our own U.S. Capitol Police to other federal law enforcement agencies, as well as local police departments across the country.

The U.S. Capitol Police Threat Assessment Section maintains a constant watch for any indications of unlawful activity directed at Members of Congress, as does the Sergeant at Arms through its Law Enforcement and Security Operations division. If any such activity is discovered, the Member and the Sergeant at Arms will be notified immediately and can respond accordingly. If you have concerns regarding Member travel or other events, please contact the Threat Assessment Section at 202-224-1495 or my office at 202-224-2341. Both are in an excellent position to consult with you and reach out to our colleagues across the country to provide you the support, guidance and security that you may need.

Please be safe, call us if you have questions, and enjoy the recess.