Scooby goes to Iowa: Hillary Clinton's groovy van

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Hillary Clinton drives to her first official stop on the campaign trail in “groovy” style.

The former Secretary of State travels between her home in New York to Monticello, Iowa in “Scooby,” a van that reminds Clinton of the Mystery Machine –the famous vehicle driven by main characters in the classic 1970s  cartoon Scooby-Doo.

Clinton communications director Jen Palimieri tweeted on Sunday night, “She loves her Scooby van.”

"When Hillary first told us that she was ready to hit the road for Iowa, we literally looked at her and said, 'Seriously?' And she said, 'Seriously,'” aide Huma Abedin said in a conference call with supporters, according to the Associated Press. ““This was her idea, and she’s been really excited about it since she came up with it.’ ”

The van is the same one that Mrs. Clinton used during her New York Senate campaign in 2000.

The latest “Scooby” van is all part of Clinton’s efforts to connect with everyday Americans.

Republican National Committee spokesman Sean Spicer criticized the van. “How stupid do the Clintons think the American people are?” he told TIME magazine. “They pulled the same exact stunt in 2000. This is not resetting, it’s recycling.”