Ronald Reagan's Christmas letter to Nancy Reagan in 1981

President Ronald Reagan's letter to wife Nancy on Dec. 25, 1981, their first Christmas in the White House. Former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney read it at Friday's funeral service for Mrs. Reagan.

Dear Mrs. R,

I still don't feel right about you opening an envelope instead of a gift package.

There are several much beloved women in my life and on Christmas, I should be giving them gold, precious stones, perfume, furs and lace. I know that even the best of these would still fall far short of expressing how much these several women mean to me and how empty my life would be without them.

There is of course my "First Lady." She brings so much grace and charm to whatever she does that even stuffy, formal functions sparkle and turn into fun times. Everything is done with class. All I have to do is wash up and show up.

There is another woman in my life who does things I don't always get to see but I do hear about them and sometimes see photos of her doing them. She takes an abandoned child in her arms on a hospital visit. The look on her face only the Madonna could match. The look on the child's face is one of adoration. I know because I adore her too.

She bends over a wheelchair or bed to touch an elderly invalid with tenderness and compassion just as she fills my life with warmth and love.

There  is  another  gal  I  love  who  is  a  nest  builder.  If  she  were  stuck  three  days  in  a  hotel  room  she'd  manage  to  make  it  home  sweet  home.  She  moves  things  around - looks  at  it  straightens  this  and  that  -- and  you  wonder  why  it  wasn't  that  way  in  the  first  place.

I'm  also  crazy  about  the  girl  who  goes  to  the  ranch  with  me.  If  we're  tidying  up  the  woods,  she's  a  peewee  power  house  at  pushing  over  dead  trees.  She's   a  wonderful  person  to  sit  by  the  fire  with,  or  to  ride  with  or  first  to  be  with  when  the  sun  goes  down  or  the  stars  come  out.  If  she  ever  stopped  going  to  the  ranch  I'd  stop  too  because  I'd  see  her  in  every  beauty  spot  there  is  and  I  couldn't  stand  that.

Then  there  is  a  sentimental  lady  I  love  whose  eyes  fill  up  so  easily.  On  the  other  hand  she  loves  to  laugh  and  her  laugh  is  like  tinkling  bells.  I  hear  those  bells  and  feel  good  all  over  even  if  I  tell  a  joke  she's  heard  before.

Fortunately,  all  these  women  in  my  life  are  you  - fortunately  for  me  that  is,  for  there  could  be  no  life  for  me  without  you.  Browning  asked;  "How  do  I  love  thee  - let  me  count  the  ways?"  For me there is no way to count.  I love the whole gang of you - Mommie, first  lady,  the  sentimental  you,  the  fun  you,  and  the  peewee  power  house  you.

And  oh  yes,  one  other  very  special  you  - the  little  girl  who  takes  a  "nana"  to  bed  in  case  she  gets  hungry  in  the  night.  I  couldn't  and  don't  sleep  well  if  she  isn't  there  - so  please  always  be  there.

Merry Christmas you all - with all my love.

Lucky me.