Rep. Seth Moulton compares need to federally-fund abortions to funding US troops

Massachusetts congressman and 2020 presidential candidate Seth Moulton expressed opposition for the Hyde Amendment by comparing federally-funded abortions to funding the U.S. troops.

Moulton slammed former Vice President Joe Biden, who expressed his support for the Hyde Amendment that outlaws federally-funded abortions with exceptions for rape, incest, and the life of the mother, urging the Democratic frontrunner that he "should change his position."

Biden's campaign said on Wednesday that the 2020 frontrunner "misheard" a question that effectively fed speculation that he'd flip-flopped on his support for the Hyde Amendment, a law blocking federal funding for abortion.

"I think it's wrong," Moulton said Thursday morning on CNN. "It disproportionately attacks women who don't have the private means to afford an abortion."

The Democratic congressman, a former Marine Corps officer, went even further with his position to repeal the Hyde Amendment.

"It's sort of like saying, you know, I support the troops but don't want to pay them," Moultain said. "That's the anology here and I think it's wrong."

Moulton took aim at the former vice president for "supporting a woman's right" to have an abortion yet "refuses federal funds for it."

"I think it's another example of why it's time for a new generation of leadership in our party in our country," Moulton continued.


CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota then pressed Moulton on polling that shows Biden aligned with the general public on its support for the Hyde Amendment, which the Massachusetts representative dismissed.

"Leadership is not following the polls, it's changing public opinion to do the right thing," Moulton responded. "That's what leadership is all about and that's what we should expect in our next president."