Rep. King: Malaysia trying to 'deflect' criticism of probe of missing plane with crash announcement

Rep. Peter King said on “The Kelly File” Monday he believes the Malaysian government is attempting to deflect attention from what he calls their “inept” investigation into the missing plane by announcing that officials believe the jet crashed in the Indian Ocean, killing everyone on board.

King, a member of the House Homeland Security Committee, said he has felt for a while that evidence suggests the plane crashed, but there is no definitive proof that is what happened.

He said Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak was likely trying to deflect attention away from the sub-par probe by announcing the presumed crash, despite not having hard evidence to back up his claims.

“I think he was doing that just trying to get attention away from him and away from the fact that Malaysia has done such a terrible job,” King, R-NY, said.

King pointed out that the FBI and CIA have stated that there are no certain conclusions yet in the investigation despite Razak’s announcement.

“No way is our government saying that this is definitive, and I don’t know what could have justified the prime minister doing that today other than to deflect some of this criticism he has been getting,” he said.