Reid, Clinton supporters hit Trump over Nevada pronunciation

Supporters for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Sen. Harry Reid attacked Donald Trump after the Republican presidential nominee told his supporters about the “correct” way to pronounce Nevada.

Trump, during a rally Wednesday in Reno, insisted the correct way to pronounce the name of the Silver State was “Neh-VAH-da.” He declared that “nobody says it the other way.”

Clinton supporters and Reid, a Democrat from Nevada, both used the moment to assail Trump.

American Bridge immediately put up a video declaring that Trump was “looking like an idiot” for getting the name wrong.

A statement from Reid declared that Trump’s stop in Reno was “disastrous.”

"If Donald Trump wants to come down from the penthouse his daddy bought him to lecture us on how to say Nevada, he could at least pronounce it correctly,” Reid said in a statement. "Instead, Trump told us we pronounce the name of our state wrong minutes before he refused to take a position on Yucca Mountain.

“I have news for Donald: it's pronounced Nev-AD-a and Yucca Mountain is dead.”

Trump made a stop at the International Church of Las Vegas and the International Christian Academy before his rally in Reno. He said the Pledge of Allegiance with schoolchildren at the school.

He also visited with Hispanic business leaders at a Mexican restaurant before departing for northern Nevada.

Fox News’ Chad Pergram and the Associated Press contributed to this report.