Recess consultants: Coming soon to a cash-strapped school near you?

After structured classroom time during the school day, elementary school students typically get a reprieve during unstructured recess time. Now, students at two elementary schools in Minnesota are about to get a little more structure in their recess.

Concord Elementary and Normandale Elementary school have hired recess consultants to intervene in students' play time, the Star Tribune reports.

Concord and Normandale aren't the first schools in the country to hire recess consultants. They join "a growing number of districts that have hired consultants to remake the playground experience into more structured and inclusive play time."

The schools are part of the Edina Public School District. The district spends about $12,300 per student, more than the national and state averages of $10,700 and $10,800. Edina spent $30,000 total on the consultants. Edina may expand the program to other schools if it's satisfied with the results.