President to Nominate New Intelligence Chief

Fox News' Major Garrett has learned that President Obama is set to name retired Lt. General James Clapper as the nation's next Director of National Intelligence Saturday at the White House.  If confirmed by the Senate, Clapper would take over the position vacated by Admiral Dennis Blair, who was forced by the President to step down last month.  Missouri Republican Senator Kid Bond, who sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee, issued a statement saying he would not support the President's choice.  "While Jim has served our nation well, he lacks the necessary clout with the President, has proven to be less than forthcoming with Congress, and has recently blocked our efforts to empower the DNI."

Clapper would be the fourth Director of National Intelligence since the position was created in April 2005 in the wake of the attacks on September 11, 2001.  He is currently the Director of Defense Intelligence.