President Obama’s health care 'fix' will be burden on insurance industry, consultant says

Health insurance industry consultant Robert Laszewski told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Thursday night that President Obama’s ObamaCare fix “makes everything so much worse” for insurance companies attempting to implement the new law.

Laszewski said on “The Kelly File” that the deadline for Americans to sign up for insurance coverage that will be effective Jan. 1 is Dec. 15 -- a deadline the insurance industry has been working for months to prepare for.

However, Laszewski said Obama’s announcement that insurance companies can offer Americans their current plan for another year even if it doesn’t meet the law’s requirements means insurers only have 31 days to “reverse everything they have been doing.”

“Now they are saying to the insurance industry you have to turn on a dime and redo everything,” he said.

Laszewski criticized Obama for putting insurance companies on the hot seat to fix the problem with the health care law, saying Obama is throwing a “hot potato” to the industry with little warning.

“This administration can’t get their website straight in three years and they want in 31 days for these insurance companies to change everything. It’s logistically impossible,” he said.