President Obama Works the Airwaves on Election Day

In a final pitch to his base, President Obama called in to a variety of syndicated radio shows and programs in targeted markets.

In an interview with radio DJ and "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest, the President asked young voters to go to the polls. "You can't shape your future if you don't participate," Mr. Obama said. "You've gotta get out there and vote. Young people all across this country, they're the ones who going to make a difference not just now but in the future."

The president also did interviews with radio stations in Las Vegas, Chicago and Jacksonville, Fla., with large African-American audiences. Part of his pitch in Vegas on KVEG was directed at Latino listeners to help Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and local Congresswoman Dina Titus. "If the Latino community turns out and knows the track records of Harry Reid and Dina Titus, that they're both going to do very well because that's a community with growing clout," Mr. Obama said.

On KPWR in Los Angeles, Mr. Obama made it pretty clear he believes his agenda is on the line. "We can only keep it up if I've got some friends and allies in Congress and in the state houses."

In a lighter moment, Mr. Obama was asked if the first lady ever calls him Mr. President. "That would be no. She calls me some names sometimes, but it's not Mr. President."

After a busy final weekend of campaigning, the President stayed off the trail on Election Eve and Election Day in favor of reaching out to radio shows and a YOUTUBE video.

As for reaction to the election, the White House says it will wait until a White House news conference on Wednesday.

"I think we're going to wait until we see the results to figure out what the main message is going to be," White House spokesman Bill Burton told Fox News Radio. "Today we get a message from the American people, tomorrow the President will respond to that."