President Obama Prepares to Turn 50

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It's unknown how president Obama will celebrate his 50th birthday Thursday, but the commander in chief might be looking to some of his staff for advice. In a cabinet meeting at the White House Wednesday, the president told the press while laughing, "I'm going to get advice from some around the table about how to handle this milestone."

One of the first world leaders to wish the president an early birthday was Russian President Dmitry Medvedev who called Mr. Obama Wednesday. But President Medvedev is four years Obama's junior so the Russian leader might not have the pointers on the big birthday Mr. Obama is looking for.

Earlier in the day the president treated his staff to lunch, as a thank you for the extra hours of work resolving the debt ceiling crisis. While chowing down on burgers at Good Stuff Eatery in Washington, many diners were heard yelling "Happy Birthday" to the president. One woman lunching reportedly commented, "He looked good for 50."

The president heads to Chicago tonight for two fundraisers. He's scheduled to return to Washington after midnight, on his official 50th birthday.