Power Play Update: State of the Race – Nevada Senate

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It is a rarity to so see so many polls so close as those on the Senate race in Nevada - now at an absolute tie between Sharron Angle and Harry Reid in the Real Clear Politics average.

Usually, you'll see several different looks at a race. In Washington state this week, for example, you can read a poll that shows incumbent Sen. Patty Murray leading Republican challenger Dino Rossi by 15 points or trailing by 1 point.

These wide spreads reflect different polling methods and different approaches to determining who is likely to vote. Polling in these races is like looking at the pictures from different guests at the same wedding reception. You'll get very different takes on the same event.

Since the start of July, there have only been two useful public surveys in Nevada that show Reid or Angle with a lead outside of the margin of error. Getting statistical ties 25 out of 27 times might be some kind of polling record.

Even in ties, we can see trends. And the recent trend in Nevada has been toward Angle. Looking at the Las Vegas Review-Journal polls show Angle trailing by 2 points on Sept. 9, tied on Sept. 22 and now leading by 2 points.

But to have this many snapshots come up with the same image is something remarkable.