Pence says ObamaCare repeal will be 'first thing out of the gate'

Vice President-elect Mike Pence said Tuesday that repealing and replacing ObamaCare would be the first item on President-elect Donald Trump's agenda after Trump takes office early next year.

"It’ll be the first thing out of the gate," Pence told Fox News' Sean Hannity on "Hannity." "The President-elect’s made it very clear. He wants the Congress when they convene in early January to take up the task of repealing and replacing ObamaCare first."

Pence called the nomination of Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., to be secretary of health and human services, "very exciting and [it] should be a source of great encouragement to millions of Americans who know we’ve got to repeal ObamaCare, but we’ve [also] got to replace it with real solutions."

"We don’t want any American to be anxious about a transition," Pence said, "it will be an orderly transition ... but we’ll be working toward a solution that’s grounded in the principles of free market economics and respect for the doctor-patient relationship."

Pence also said that Trump would restate the case for his agenda to the American people in a series of events beginning Thursday.

President Donald Trump is not just goning to be talking to Congress," Pence said, "he’s gonna be talking to the American people. He’s going to be taking his case consistently to the American people and encouraging them to ... call your congressman and call your senator."

"I’m very confident we’re gonna see the Trump agenda move forward and we’re going to get this country working again."