Ohio AG: Planned Parenthood fetal remains sent to landfills

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said Friday his agency has found that aborted fetal tissue from three Planned Parenthood clinics in Ohio are being disposed of in landfills in a way that violates state law.

DeWine was investigating the women's health and abortion provider over questions about whether it broke the law by profiting from providing fetal body parts for medical research. DeWine said that while he didn't find that Planned Parenthood was selling tissue, he did find that medical waste companies it contracts with improperly disposed of aborted fetal remains.

"In the course of our investigation, we learned that aborted fetuses are ultimately disposed of in landfill sites — apparently intermingled with other common residential and commercial trash," DeWine wrote to Ohio Health Director Richard Hodges.

DeWine pointed to a state code specifying that a fetus shall be disposed of in a "humane manner." "I believe that disposing of the remains from an abortion by sending them to a landfill violates this rule," he wrote.

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