Obama World Cup update....

Well sort of...

There has been much speculation over President Obama's attendance at next year's World Cup in South Africa.

Today's update? Mr Obama has received the official invitation from FIFA President Joseph Blatter (for all you non-soccer people out there, FIFA is French for International Federation of Association Football).

After the closed Oval Office meeting between the two presidents, Mr Blatter told White House reporters Mr Obama, after receiving the invite, told his assistants in the room to "look at the agenda".

So no word yet as to whether or not POTUS will be traveling to South Africa next summer, but Blatter was able to enlighten us about Obama's soccer skills...in short, don't give up your day job Mr President.

According to Blatter, who gifted POTUS a soccer ball, Mr Obama made 2 or 3 movements (in the Oval Office!) even used his head, but Blatter insists, the President of the United States is "not yet ready" for MLS.