Obama urges companies to 'hire a vet'


President Obama on Veterans Day called on companies to help the 200,000 servicemen and women who transition back to civilian life each year, particularly when it comes to offering them jobs.

"Our tributes today will also ring hollow if we don't provide our veterans with the jobs and opportunities that you need when you come home," Obama said on Wednesday, speaking at the annual Veterans Day wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington Cemetery.

"But this can't just be a job for government; we all have a role to play," he said. While he noted that the veteran unemployment rate is just 3.9 percent, below the nationwide rate, he said companies should take steps to hire vets, who are "some of the most talented, driven, capable people on Earth."

"Think about the leadership that they've learned, 20-somethings leading platoons into life-or-death situation, their ability to adapt to changing and unpredictable situations," he said. "They can perform under pressure. They've learned how to work on teams, how to stay committed to a mission, how to solve seemingly intractable problems — they get stuff done."

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