Nina Easton: Obama barreling into a presidential crisis

President Obama may be headed for a self-created crisis by not making a strong case to skeptical lawmakers and voters for a military strike against Syria, Fortune Magazine Columnist Nina Easton said on the "Special Report" panel Friday.

"I think he's barreling, potentially barreling into a presidential crisis of his own making because by the time he steps to the podium on Tuesday night, we will not see any change in opinion in Congress," she said. "It's already baked-in, and largely because as Howie [Kurtz] mentioned, we have this ten days of public hand-wringing, I draw a redline, no I didn't really draw a redline, the world drew a redline. I'm not going without Congress, no I need Congress, I want to go to war but not too punitively.

"And I think that has not instilled confidence.  And what's also interesting is the number of lawmakers come out of those briefings, those intelligence briefings  without the confidence that this administration has the wherewithal to know what to do with all the unintended consequences of a strike. If you're asking lawmakers to defy voters who are deeply opposed to this, you better instill a level of confidence and those lawmakers better have a sense that you  know what you're doing and you're prepared for every consequence."