Nearly a dozen suspected caravan members face new DOJ complaints, most accused of breaking into US

Nearly a dozen people suspected of traveling through Mexico to the U.S. border as part of the immigrant "caravan" from Central America are now facing new complaints for immigration-related violations, including entering the U.S. illegally.

A federal law enforcement official told Fox News on Monday that the Justice Department has filed complaints against 11 suspected members of the caravan.


Most of the defendants allegedly entered the U.S. illegally, which is a misdemeanor. One defendant is accused of having entered the U.S. after having previously been deported, which is a felony.

Defendants, according to the probable cause statement, were seen near an area known to border patrol agents as "Goat Canyon," roughly four miles from the San Ysidro port of entry in San Diego, California.

Two of those facing new complaints are Salvadorans, six are Hondurans and three are Guatemalans.

The "caravan" of Central Americans started moving toward North America on March 25. The group of around 200 immigrants traveled through Mexico to the U.S. in an effort to seek asylum at the American border.

Most of those who have been trying to enter the U.S. remain stalled in Mexico after Customs and Border Protection said Sunday that the agency "reached capacity at the San Ysidro port of entry for CBP officers to be able to bring additional persons traveling without appropriate entry documentation into the port of entry for processing."

President Trump, who has often tweeted about the immigrants, said Monday night that the "'caravan' that is openly defying our border shows how weak & ineffective U.S. immigration laws are."

He added that "Democrats like Jon Tester continue to support the open borders agenda – Tester even voted to protect Sanctuary Cities. We need lawmakers who will put America First."

Trump called for Tester, the Montana seantor, to resign on Saturday following a White House report disputing his allegations against the president's pick for the next secretary of Veterans Affairs, Adm. Ronny Jackson. Jackson ultimately withdrew.

Fox News' William Lajeunesse contributed to this report.