Mitt Romney Must Do These Five Things in the First Debate

Mitt Romney needs a game changer.

His best chance is Wednesday night’s debate. He has to beat Obama decisively.

Miss that one and he can only hope for some unforeseen domestic or foreign policy crisis – or a scandal – that rocks the president to put him back in the game. Without that, he could easily watch what was supposed to be a gimme election slip out of his hands.

His chances are slim. President Barack Obama is one of the best orators to hold the post. But he’s out of debate practice.  It’s been four years since he had to do this.

Here’s what Romney has to do to win the debate and turn things around:

1) Be human. That’s been a problem for Mitt. He’s stiff and a little awkward around the common folk. His jeans had a crease in them, for chrissakes.

Obama’s campaign has successfully painted Romney as an out-of-touch plutocrat and an insensitive vulture capitalist. In the debate, he’s got to dispel that image. Pronto.

He doesn’t have to become a touchy-feely Mitt, but he will have to seem less aloof.

If he comes off as uncaring at any time or, as he did in a debate during the primaries in which he challenged Texas Gov. Rick Perry to a $10,000 bet (after as stunned silence Perry finally sputtered, “I’m not in the bettin’ business … ) seems like a robber baron who pitches $1,000 bills the way the rest of us toss quarters, it’s over. He’ll only reinforce the image.

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