Michelle Obama as Dog Trainer??

First Lady, and community service pioneer, Michelle Obama went back to her roots Tuesday when she spoke before The Corporation for National and Community Service in Washington. The group got an infusion of funds when her husband signed recent service legislation.
 It was in this environment that we learned a little more about the odd jobs the first lady endured as she worked her way through school.

She did everything from typing, working at a bindery (just what you would think it is-- where they bind books!), babysitting, piano "tutoring", and even dog training! Funny, considering First Dog Bo is literally her first dog!

The first lady told the crowd she could have stayed at a law firm she was working for and made money hand over fist, but that's not what drives her. She told the audience, "[N]ational and community service is near and dear to my heart. It is the reason that I breathe."