Louisana Gov. Jindal Presses Vice President Biden Over Oil Spill

Louisiana Republican Governor Bobby Jindal plans to bend Vice President Joe Biden's ear --about the federal response to the oil spill-- during Biden's trip to the Gulf Coast Tuesday.

"They need to treat this like the war it is," Jindal said during the vice president’s visit.

President Obama also likened the spill situation a "war" during his Oval Office address to the nation a couple weeks ago, laying out his "battle plan."

Jindal also reiterated his goal for the visit, via Twitter: "My message to the VP today is simple: greater urgency is needed. It's time to lead or get out of the way. "

The vice president arrived in New Orleans for a briefing with National Incident Commander Admiral Thad Allen before continuing his trip to Florida.

This is Biden's first trip to the region since the BP spill and oil began gushing into the coast more than 70 days ago.

While at the airport in Kenner, Louisiana, Biden was seen talking on the tarmac with Jindal and Republican Congressman Anh "Joseph" Cao, R-La.

Jindal has said that heavy patches of oil have been seen about three miles offshore from Grand Isle, Louisiana. According to the governor, "We didn't see one vessel out there trying to capture that oil. We need to have a greater sense of urgency" in Washington.

The vice president is scheduled to make a statement to the press later Tuesday afternoon.