Lankford on Trump's request for loyalty: 'It doesn't surprise me'

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Senate Intelligence Committee member James Lankford, R-Ok., said Wednesday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that former FBI director James Comey’s reference in Congressional testimony to President Trump’s request for loyalty is simply emblematic of Trump’s background in business… and moreover, his inexperience in national politics.

“[Comey’s testimony quoting Trump] reads like the president talks. It sounds like a guy who’s not a Washington guy,” Lankford said. “America did not select a Washington guy or a politician. They hired a New York business guy…. It doesn’t surprise me he’s sitting down with all the people he’s hiring and putting his board face-to-face and saying, ‘I need you to be loyal. That’s a part of this.’”

Lankford went on to describe the exchange that ensued between Trump and his FBI director.

“He sits down with Comey a week into his presidency and says, ‘Basically, you’re the same as everyone else.’ Comey is sitting there apparently thinking, ‘I’m not like everyone else. I’m an independent investigator. I’m leading the FBI,’” Lankford said. “I think Comey sees this different from the president did. The president sees him as another part of the team. Comey seems to see it as, ‘Hey, we’re very independent,’ which the FBI has historically been very independent.”